The Whaleboat Project at Lowell's

Lowell's Boat Shop has built a whaleboat to complement the restoration of the Charles W. Morgan whaleship, undergoing restoration at Mystic Seaport. Whaleboats are 28' open boats propelled by oar and sail that were carried by the larger whaleship and lowered to chase the whales when they were sighted. They are lightly built for speed and maneuverability yet strong enough to take the abuse often handed out by the whale during the hunt. They, along with the dory invented at Lowell's Boat Shop, represent the epitome of American boat design and construction.
Lowell's built the whaleboat with the help of nine local high school students. These students apprenticed under the instruction of Lowell's Boat Shop Manager Graham McKay and Master Shipwright Jeff Lane. The apprentices implemented mathematic, reading and logic skills as part of their overall understanding of wooden boatbuilding.



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