Build an Amesbury Skiff: Wooden Boat Magazine
Issue 240

Lowell’s Boat Shop made the cover of the fall issue of Wooden Boat Magazine with the first of a two-part article detailing how to construct a 16’ Amesbury Skiff. Using entirely traditional methods, boat builders Graham McKay and Jeff Lane produced a basic tiller steered outboard version of this timeless family motorboat. Plans for this boat are available in the Store section of our website.















Restoring the Sallie Hyde

The Sallie Hyde is a variation of the classic Sea Bright Skiff that is currently being restored by LBS boat builder Ben Loveless. The Sea Bright Skiff originated in New Jersey, and the Sallie Hyde is an exceptionally able and comfortable open motorboat, ideal for fishing, day cruising or earning a living for some water minded man.

Wooden Boat Cover

sallie hyde

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